About KIIC

The Kingdom Bible Institute.

KIIC has understood that the Bible is not a religious book but a constitution of the Kingdom of God. Therefore every believer is a legal citizen of the kingdom of God and he must know his constitution to live a successful life during his stay on earth.

Because the Bible is not talking about religion, what does it talk about?
The Bible is about:

1.The story of a king.
2.The story of the kingdom.
3.The story of a royal family.
4.The story of a kingdom that was lost.
5.The story of a kingdom that is re-colonised the earth.

KIIC offers one to two years of study – search – understanding of the Bible in his school called “Kingdom Bible School” to all people willing to gain the keys and principles of our Heavenly Country for a better life on earth.

Ignorance of how the kingdom of God functions has been the bane of many in the church. The Kingdom of God operates by principles, and until you know and employ those principles, your situation will remain the same.

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