GREAT NEWS!!! The new book of Pastor MOISE KABONGO “The True You In You”.

This book is forwarded by Dr. MYLES MUNROE.  Purchase this book at AMAZON


The True You in You          

In “The True You in You“, Moïse Kabongo also describes how religion is not the answer to many problems, but truth is. Within these pages of this book, the author describes how the discovery of truth can lead to learning more about yourself. People go through their lives not knowing who they are, and at the same time, trying to discover their true potential. Those without purpose and potential end up being frustrated and they also end up relying on things that may do more damage than good. If you are looking for a book that can help you answer some of life’s biggest questions, this book is going to help you in ways that you can’t imagine possible.  Moïse has helped so many people find direction in their lives. This book is going to help people do the same, and surpass their own expectations for themselves.