Pastor Moïse Kabongo

 He is a teacher, counsellor, and motivational speaker, trainer in the area of leadership, human relations and education of young people. He addresses critical issues affecting all aspects of human life, social and spiritual development.

Moϊse is truly a minister with a servant’s heart and has a deep-seated burden for the lost which has been a motivating factor in his life. His ministry is mightily marked by the spirit of wisdom and understanding that the Bible is not a religious book but a juridical book. He is passionately committed to teach the only true message of Jesus Christ: the kingdom of God. He is repeatedly declaring that Jesus did not come to give us religion but a divine live that we shall dominate on earth. He preaches radically the Gospel of grace by teaching people their righteousness in Christ Jesus through faith.

He believes that every individual notwithstanding their circumstances is unique and special to God and endowed with God-given gifts and abilities to assist them to fulfil their specific purpose in life. Each man is an economic decision in the mind of God. That is why No other human has your fingerprint. So you have a very high value and you cannot be sold or become a copy.

He says “Our problem is not the devil. I know a lot of time the church like to put the responsibility on the devil. The problem is that the church has not growing up. We as a church are not supposed to be controlled by a system or circumstances. We have to be in dominion over all the earth. We are here to take over and not to be on side. Nothing is operating in the earth without our permission. The church is the most powerful institution on earth. The Kingdom of God affects not only the spiritual life of a man, but the social, financial and physical development.”