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Welcome to the Kingdom Impact Intl Centre, where you will receive the tools you need to change life for the better!

Kingdom Impact Intl Centre (KIIC) is a ministry that operates on God’s Kingdom principles, teaching people how to unhook from the systems of this world and live in dominion over its evil controlling powers. Our main focus is to teach God’s people who they are, what they have and how to get it.

At KIIC, you will discover and understand that the Bible is not a religious book but a constitution of a country: THE KINGDOM OF GOD. You will learn that Jesus did not come to give us religion, but He came to establish the government of God on earth, government that Adam lost. You will learn that Jesus is the wonderful chief of government on earth far above all men’s government.

You can access our web site 24 hours-a-day and get a daily message that will help you read the all Bible in one year. Stay turn on by visiting us often. Thank for visiting and we look forward to seeing you again!

Remember! Jesus redemption has made you a new person and you are now “King-Priest”, a powerful combination. Therefore you cannot be a victim. Clothed in His Righteousness, MOISE K, Senior Pastor.